Thursday 4 April 2024

The Fantasy Faire 2024!

 The Fantasy Faire 2024 will soon be upon us!

The full press release can be found right here -->

2 weeks to go * Squeals*  You can already listen to The Fantasy Faire Radio here

As always, I look forward to The Fantasy Faire with a huge yearning to be back in the Fairelands as soon as the Mysts have cleared and everything is as ready as ready can be!

This year is no different, other than my time to remember those I have lost to Cancer, the ones who are still here but living with Camcer have time spent in my head with every single Lincen spent on all the fantastic items that will be made and brought out for the Faire, time spent to remember, to wish that Cancer was a thing of the past, in all its forms and to wish those who are living with it will be free of it soon.

My best friend has just recovered from Breast Cancer and has had the all-clear.  My Dad is living with Prostate Cancer, luckily, it was caught early and he will die with it and not of it.  Such an aggressive bloody disease and every Faire I hope we get nearer and nearer to bringing the end of it!  My wishes and thoughts to all who have to live with this, in themselves or their family and close ones and for all the gorgeous and bravest of Pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge because of it,  It would seem it touches all in our lives. 

I am so excited, and I am so thankful and lucky to have been accepted as a Fantasy Faire 2024 Blogger!

I will be blogging with my Brother Wolfy and we will be having a lot of fun, together and separately so keep posted for more as it happens!


Wednesday 13 March 2024

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Thursday 8 February 2024

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Saturday 6 January 2024

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Monday 11 December 2023

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Thursday 26 March 2020

The Fantasy Faire 2020 - 29 days to go!

A new journey!

For a start - Let's start getting excited about This year's Fantasy Faire with 29 DAYS TO GO until the biggest and best Event in the Second Life Calendar!

The mists shall clear and with all the luck in the lands, The 2020 Fantasy Faire will emerge and appear to us on the 23rd of April and usually disappear around the 9th of May when the mists close back around the Fairelands until the next time.

The Fantasy Faire is not just about shopping from your favourite stores and soon to be new favourite stores and for helping and giving to the biggest cause of our times, American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.  The Magic and events range from The Fantasy Faire Quest, The Fantasy Faire Radio, The Literary Events, The Roleplay Events, The Performance Events and so, so, much more.  They seriously do have to be seen to be believed and pictures, nor tales never do them enough justice.  So plan your Fantasy Faire ahead of time and make it this year's HIGHLIGHT of your Second Life Diary!

The Fantasy Faire in 2019 relayed a massive L$17,043,433 ($68,173) of which 100% goes straight to The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life.

If you are in any way looking forward to this year's Faire as much as I am, then be ready to get really excited, as it will be lands of beauty, stores of amazement and scenes of jaw-dropping wowness!

The links are here to find out more and I shall keep you apprised of all thing fantastical and new there, as, and when they happen.

The Fantasy Faire 2020 Website link:

RFL of SL:

Relay For Life:

American Cancer Society:

The Tales from he Fairelands series from the Fantasy Faire Radio Station are now available on the MIx Cloud here:

Monday 29 April 2019

The Fantasy Faire 2019

The Fantasy Faire 2019

The Fantasy Faire is my favourite event of the Second Life Calendar,  Each year it is filled with such fantastic designers and events that you can lose yourself in the whole event for the full two weeks of events, shopping, browsing and roleplaying.  There is so much going on to enjoy and take part in that it is expanding every year.  Go, see, explore and enjoy!

The following are some links to get you going.  Please have some fun and enjoy the events and throw some lindens into the pots as well as grab yourself some bargains with the SPECIAL Items offered by each vendor for sale for 100% profits going to The Relay For Life.  The Fantasy Faire has now raised over L$8,135,798 ($32,543) for Relay For Life over the last 10 days and we need to keep on going.  Have a look around the website as there are some beautiful stories on there as well as real-life information on the RFL Project that the Fantasy Faire is involved with called KNH HOPE HOSTEL


You can tune into The Fantasy Faire Radio Now via the website

Have fun as whatever you wish to go as, as yourself or as something totally different to your usual SL self.

Details from this picture are in my next blog