Monday, 27 October 2014

Gryphon ..............Riding like the wind with Unrepentant

Gryphon ..............Riding like the wind with Unrepentant

Outfit as per previous blog -

From Unrepentant

These fabulous rideable and companion Gryphons are beautifully made and the
animations on each one are fantastic, comes with a rideable and a companion
version and at the fair you can also get a shoulder pet free with each purchase

[UN] Gryphon - Aether

[UN] Gryphon - Takeshi

[UN] Gryphon - Zephyrus

Aether, is a handsome bloke and one of our youngest acquisitions, don't let those
cool feathers fool you! He's always got an eye for trouble, or a pretty lady
gryph. And while his wings may look like ice, there's hot blooded gyrfalcon in
his lineage.

Takeshi on the other hand is a little slow in the air, but that doesn't mean he's
going to be left behind by anyone! What he lacks in speed he makes up for in
sheer determination. Well, sometimes he's just plain hard headed.

Zephyrus, the oldest of the bunch and the only female gryphon is a bit of a quiet
one, she tends to like whispered secrets, shadowed halls and the smell one smells
after opening a book that hasn't been touched by human hands or gryphon talons in
a very long time.

Each one costs 600 lindens and comes with two versions
A fatpack is 1500 lindens and comes with all six.

Shoulder pets are a special FREE gift you can get by buying the eggs in our
Mystic Realms booth! they're no copy/trans so one can easily share them with your
friends. Everyone needs a little gryphon in their lives!