Thursday, 26 March 2015

Reference Copybotting and the B*****ds that do it

Reference Copybotting and the B*****ds that do it

Thanks to some like minded folks over at Twisted Hunt was alerted to this place and came to have a look to see if I needed to report anything to my boss Iza at 7 Deadly s{K}ins - luckily not - Sweet Valentine, Aida Ewing,from Glam affair, Belleza, Telllaq, Nivaro, Lara HUrley , atomic skins tsg, pumec, Exxess, Miel, egozy and the list goes ON and on sadly and so do the botters = report them and they go down and then new ones appear as if by magic -

Shapes Skins, Clothing glasses and sadly Templates and textures like the ones by Sweet who is here with me reporting things like mad

PLEASE let people know if you see this stuff because its wrong - its bad - its not fun to buy them and think you have a bargain because when you do and you find its missing from your inventory you cant complain to anyone - BUY originals not copybotted shit

Rant over

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