Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Darkly Angelic for The Fantasy Faire - Fantasy Faire Starts 23rd April to 3rd of May

Darkly Angelic for The Fantasy Faire

.::[ Angelic Designs ]::. [Infierna] Blood Fountain (Silver) - RFL ITEM

.::[ Angelic Designs ]::. [Lumina] Garden Gazebo (Darkness)

.::[ Angelic Designs ]::. [Monarch] Table Set (Darkness)

.::[ Angelic Designs ]::. [Nevermore] Fantasy Raven Cage

.::[ Angelic Designs ]::. [Monarch] Wall Console (Darkness)

.::[ Angelic Designs ]::. [Symphonia] Grand Piano (Aged)

Highly Textured and well made items with poses and music playing form the Piano, THere are different shades for the items the Gazebo, Table set and Wall Console all available in light as well as Darkness.

Recommend taking a good look at these items as they are stunning .

All of the above Items from .::[ Angelic Designs ]::. are New and reserved for The
Fantasy Faire only until afterwords then will be available in the IN World Main
Showroom.  The RFL Item is available in Bronze, Gold and Silver and comes in Water
or Blood versions as per your choices, all available at The Fantasy Faire Starting
23rd April to 3rd of May

.::[ Angelic Designs ]::. will be based on The Fantasy Faire Sim Aurora, Sponsored
Neo Victoria

Aurora Sponsored by NeoVictoria

Various windlight settings