Sunday, 28 June 2015

SL12Birth Celebrations - Sanctuary Dark Roleplay Community

SL12Birth Celebrations  - Sanctuary Dark Roleplay Community

Going round the SL12 Birthday Celebration and once again am drawn to the fabulous display put on by The Sanctuary Dark Roleplay Community

Stevie Basevi and the fabulous Sanctuary Co-ordinators and Roleplayers are in attendance and there is often something going on as well as information on the SL12B HUNT and the Sanctuary Dark RP Communities of which there are many and varied groups

Sanctuary Dark Roleplay Community are part of a Community Combat System, The free combat HUD is used as a Role PLay Tool to enhance your roleplay within Sanctuary's Roleplay Communities and other CCS sims although from what I have seen they are the best group of sims I have seen in a very long time.  The RP is kept fresh by ongoing events as well as being driven by a core of People who make the sims shine - this is Sanctuary's 5th Year and lets hope to see them invited to SL's Birthday for the next 5 years at least.

Well Done Stevie for a fantastic Display and for Sanctuary Communities 5th Birthday this year.

If you Haven't been yet get down there now!  The SL Birthday Sims are open until the 4th of July

Sanctuary SL12B Display

Sanctuary Dark Roleplay Community -