Thursday, 30 June 2016

••••••SINNERS IN HEAVEN ••••••

 ••••••SINNERS IN HEAVEN ••••••
Sinners In Heaven is a New Nightclub being opened by Izara Zuta and Ted Floresby and promises to be an absolute blast - Rock/ Metal all things Hard and Heavy

The Club opens at MIDNIGHT SLT on 1st of JULY - Check it out
Free Gifts, a Hunt at 7 Deadly s{K}ins that will include the club and all in all a massive day of Events and Partying!!! LET'S ROCK!


 & -2 am JD (dj) Taki 
2-4 am JOHNNY (dj) - Izara & Shari 

4-6 am TOBY (dj) - Shari & Rachie 
CONTEST: Heavenly Creatures ( Angels/ elves/ all that's good)   

6-8 am MERCIE (dj) Bella & Rachiie 
8-10 am ISA (dj) Bella & Huly 

10-12 NOON ARIA (dj) - Shari & Ted 
CONTEST: - Sinners 'n Saints ( basically good or evil dress up)

12 NOON-2 pm CANDI (dj) Izola & Rachie 
2-4pm AUDRI (dj) Minx & Cats 

4-6pm REBEKKA (dj) Mariah & Laurel
CONTEST: Seven sins ( dress as one of the 7 original sins) 

6-8 pm NAN (dj) Minx & Taki 
8-10 pm DAR (dj) Rachiie & Seccain 

10-MIDNIGHT JD (dj) Elizabeth & Candice
CONTEST:Rock Gods 'N Goddesses ( dress as your fav Rock idol)  


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