Friday, 24 March 2017

I Remember...... A Fantasy Faire Blogger Challenge for 2017

I Remember...... A Fantasy Faire Blogger Challenge for 2017
     Toby and I exploring our first Fantasy Faire together

Last year was the first time Toby and I were together for a Fantasy Faire and he had not been to the Faire before, there is nothing I loved more than seeing not just through my own eyes, which were open wide but also with a knowledge of the Faire, the Fae, the beauty to be expected along with the people, the fun, the shows, the whole thing in 10 days but to see it through his at the same time.  The Gorgeousness of the rush to see it all, to do it all, to fit it all in and see at least one of each show and attend literary readings, to see all the stores at least once, to sit and take it in as people pass in all their guises.

We did this, we sat, we danced, we listened, we saw and we loved it, every minute of it.

Our time together is limited during the week due to the fact he lives on a different continent to me so fitting in as much as possible was a challenge as well.  We saw every sim, we saw so much it was a total head explosion for us both and seeing it through his eyes was mind blowing, I loved his thoughts on everything, his views on what we had just seen, what we had just done, where we had just been and so much more.

I will take that from The Fantasy Faire of 2016 with so much love and memories as always but with something special, Being able to share a loved one's first ever Fantasy Faire.


Toby is a photographer and he took the above picture that has not just blown my mind but is and has been my Computer wallpaper ever since.  I do not think I have ever told him that so this will be a surprise to him.  It is such a stunning picture and the fact we were there and I can see it through my mind's eye at the time he took it is a constant memory to me of the sim and of the Faire itself.  Long live the memories of The Fantasy Faire 2016 and bring on the new ones for 2017 on the 20th of April when the Fairelands once again shall appear from the mists of who knows where to appear for another 10 days of magical times and new memories, new events, new designs, builds and beauty all wrapped up in the people who make it THE FANTASY FAIRE!

Some of my many and varied memories of last year's Faire which has been far and above my favourite Faire because of the company I had ♥

Thank you, Toby, for our first Fantasy Faire together, our first year together and for being you.
I love you