Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Rally 2 Rescue Fair opens on the 1st of October

The Rally to Rescue Fair opens on the 1st of October and is as always for a fantastic cause - This time it is for Operation DElta Dogs which helps veterans get trained ex-homeless dogs as service dogs - FANTASTIC ♥♥♥

The event runs from October the 1st to the 20th and will be filled with fabulous designers donating their items for 100% to the charity for every item - Go along, shop and help raise funds for a fantastic cause.  Thank you in advance!

The website for Operation Delta Dogs 

You can make donations at the Fair in the donation boxes placed around the event - and also buying any of the items there gives 100% to Operation Delta Dogs.  The final amount will be published on this blog at the end of the event once the totals have been added up and sent directly to the site ♥

Thank you in advance for Shopping and donating however much you can, every Linden is appreciated ♥

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