Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Hocus Pocus Cart Sale and Hunt are ON NOW!

The Hocus Pocus Cart Sale and Hunt are on now!

The Hocus Pocus Cart Sale and Hunt is brought to you by I Heart the Cart and is open until the 31st of October and has some fantastic items for sale and gifts too as well as a fabulous hunt,  Check it out, I promise you will find something you love there - I have never managed not to yet and this time is no exception!

Landmark to the Hocus Pocus Cart Sale and Hunt

Stand on the spot the old lady tells me, stand on the spot and I'll tell you a truth, stand on the spot and cross my palm with silver and the truth you will get, she cackled loudly and held her hand out.  I knew I should not have gone into the old cottage in the woods but still, I went!  The kitteh has 9 lives, though who knows how many of those 9 are left!

I crossed her palm with silver after standing on the moving markings, she stared at my hands then at my face and quite simply closed her eyes then spoke 'Even in a Lie lays Truth'

I got out of there as soon as possible! The thought heavy on my mind.

Thank you to Lilith's Den who provided all my items for today's small tale and all can be found at The Hocus Pocus Cart Sale and Hunt.  

Lilith's Den - Lady M. Fortune Teller Booth

Lilith's Den - Crystal Geode Detoxic Amethyst
Lilith's Den - Crystal Geode Harmonic Aquamarine
Lilith's Den - Crystal Geode Protective Peridot
Lilith's Den - Magical Deco

Find these items and SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more HERE

I Heart the Cart presents the Hocus Pocus Cart Sale and Hunt - October 1st to the 31st 2017

Check it out asap!  Fabulously spooky items for Halloween and a great fun hunt!

Outfit details to follow!

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