Sunday, 24 December 2017

BVN Secret Santa - Rudhmellowen Laguna - Blogger Challenge

BVN Secret Santa - Rudhmellowen Laguna
 Blogger Collaboration for Christmas ♥

Rudhmellowen Laguna

Rudhmellowen Laguna is a fellow Blogger in the Blogger and Vlogger Network, this year, the group decided to play Secret Santa and give us all a name from the group (Those who wanted to take part, that is) and we do a blog about them! Fantastic idea!

In her own words, Rudhmellowen or Rudh is a Shopaholic, Blogaholic, Photography Obsessed, Living Dead Girl, Biker Chick...

A vast range to look to for inspiration right there!

Rudh is a hard working Blogger who I have known for some time as she also Blogs with me at a couple of places and we cross paths in the groups from time to time so it was nice to get to know someone a little better but ..... well okay snooping through their blogs and Flickr Posts as well as their SL profile and chatting to them a little more about themselves.  I do love a good old snoop!  We Brits are nosey!

I have randomly picked a couple of fabulous pictures from her Flickr to show you a slice of Rudh being Naughty and nice! 

I hope she is on Santa's nice list this year despite clearly ending up in lockup for putting rocks in snowballs!

Here are Rudhmellowen's links.  Please feel free to snoop her pages as she loves being snooped!  heheh

                                                           Rudhmellowen Laguna

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