Thursday, 3 May 2018

Mercatting about

Mercatting about

* Mercat Avatars by TINY INC *

Tiny Inc's Mercat Avatar comes complete with the Dinkie Avatar to go with the tail, it is not a full Dinkie Avatar, just one that goes with the Mercat and this is a fantastic Dinkie option.  The Mercat comes complete with an AO, Tail, Bubbles, Eyes, Shape, Tail, Skin, Trident ( You can also click on another person to activate a poking with Trident animation which is great fun! ), whiskers and a HUD that is full of options for Colours on tails, body, head, arms, Glitter on and off, Seaweed on and off and an amazing array of options to personalise your Mercat.  The trident can be used to prod people near you. You must be within 3 metres of your target for the trident to work.

This is a fantastic avatar from Tiny Inc.  Grab it NOW at The Fantasy Faire 2018 in Tiny Town HERE

Every store at The Fantasy Faire has at least two Relay for Life items for 100% donation.  The goal this year is to raise as much as possible twoards The American Cancer Society to raise money for worldwide goals.

The items from Tiny Inc. are a very pretty seahorse pet for the Mercat Avatar and a seashell necklace also for the Mercat Avatar.  Both are 50L$ of which 100% goes to the Relay for Life Fund.  More information can be found on The Fantasy Faire Website.

The  Mercat Hair is available in several styles and colours including the one shown

Have so much fun with this Avatar as I plan to ♥ Details below

Many many thanks to Leia Cale for co-blogging with me her Blog can be found HERE

* Mercat Avatar by TINY INC *

Mermaid Hair STORMY BLUE

Mercat Shell  Necklace  50L$ of which 100% goes to Relay for Life

MERCAT Seahorse Pet  50L$ of which 100% goes to Relay for Life

The Pictures were taken at The Fantasy Faire region of Tiny Town

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