Friday, 10 August 2018

Her Room!

Her Room!

In the darker part of her house she had her room, her room, she called it, to herself.  The door was locked and there was a room with mirrors on the wall and a scrying pool, stars on the floor but not in the ceiling and everything had a wrongness about it, you could feel it in your bones, but not she.  She used the room on her own always, polishing her mirrors to a bright shine, taking most care of them as they were her prized possession in her search, her quest.  With each failure, she sat on the chaise and wept, her tears hot on her face as they fell.  She would check the mirrors and scry for him but never be finding more than a sense of where he had been or would be but not where he was, the mirrors led her to places, all she had to do was place her palm on the mirror and mutter her words, not of this earth, and lay down on the chaise or sit in the chair and she would be there, each time to a different place, each time to a different time but each place with some connection to Him.  She would find Him one day, she would keep on trying until either the mirrors stopped, or she was stopped.

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:[P]:- The Maxwelle Chaise
This gorgeous Chaise comes with a HUD offering a whole range of tones for each part, the base, side and each of the two cushions as well as a plethora of poses ♥
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{anc} bubbles
{anc} star flakes/floor.A [sparklepack]  1prim
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+Half-Deer+ Decorative Floral Antler [Pale - Metal Tip]
+Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern [Celestial Fatpack]
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The pictures were taken in various windlights from CalWL to Midnight

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