Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Walking like an Egyptian with -DRD-

Walking like an Egyptian with -DRD-

DRD, where to start.......Jaimy Hancroft is a complete designing nutcase in the form of a genius who shares my passions and tastes - Thankfully - and I have a compulsion to need all of her things...... Especially all things gorgeous.well wait a minute, thats about everything! Anyways I shall move on or this will get to be a DRD/Jaimy Hancroft lovefest!

- Had to be really!

Bastet was a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion, worshipped as early as the Second Dynasty (2890 BC). As Bast, she was the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt, the Nile River delta region, before the unification of the cultures of ancient Egypt.

This Gacha Set from -DRD- launched at Oh My Gacha - is a Limited Edition which may or may not be brought out into the stores for small periods of time at a much later date, some have appeared in the past, some have not!! Either way I would get yourselves down to Oh My Gacha A.S.A.P. and get these gems - as well as Bastet there is also a Horus set and Anubis set - All the Masks are RARE the Staffs, Tablet, Toolbelt, Gauntlets and Snake Armbands are commons and all come as Male and female and all have the tattoo skin layer for the beautiful look shown below. Everything I am wearing came from the Gacha and the landscape from Egypt came from this current round of We <3 RP from Kalopsia. Happy Gachaing.....

-DRD- Ancient egypt- bastet mask RARE
-DRD- Ancient egypt- bastet staff
-DRD- Ancient egypt- gauntlets
-DRD- Ancient egypt- snake armbands
-DRD- Ancient egypt- tablet
-DRD- Ancient egypt- toolbelt
DRD a.e full body tatt fem - Comes free with each item M & F
All from Oh My Gacha -

Kalopsia - Walk Like an Egyptian Set from We <3 RP
We <3 RP Current -

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BGC Bastet
BGC Egyptian Sarcophagus
BGC Sphinx [Egyptian]
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