Thursday, 14 August 2014

Home - Where we belong --- 8f8 - Blossom Throne - 3 Gods --- from Collabor88

Through thick or thin we need one place that is so very ours, we have had other places but this is special, it is so very us.

The poses in this chair are fantastic - 6 Single poses and 5 Couples poses, all themed in Greek Goddess or The Kings Arms type of ideal.   The are adjustable and are very well made.

The Chair itself its also colour changeable and is very well done, the metal work is seamless as is the blanket, all colour changing and can match the cushion, the blanket and the metalwork.

All in all a best buy for me. Now I don't know if this chair will be on sale AFTER Collabor88 or not but its there NOW and its well worth the wait to get in and get some fantastic items including this chair which is uber great!  Even the cat likes it!!!

Now for the nitty gritty stuffs - 

8f8 - Blossom Throne - 3 Gods (Resizer)

6 Cushion Colour options
Sun, Air, Sky, Coal, Mentha and Violet

8 Metal Work options
Silver, Gold, Copper, Green Copper, White, Rust, Black and Platinum

NOW available at Collabor88