Saturday, 16 August 2014

She Summons...She gets...She takes...She is replete once more! -DRD- {REVERIE] Image Essentials Poses and places

She Summons...She gets...She takes...She is replete once more!

She sings the song, that sirens call, it pulls people in from near and far, they come to her, answer her call and all for what, to feed her hunger. Hunger for what..........Whatever she damn well pleases for she is everything dangerous, everything bad but yet in their eyes at the time everything as beautiful as her sirens song,

NEW from -DRD- For District 5 The Vampire Borg Series - Two Masks, one with blood drip and one without and a backpack with tank and blood bag. Incredibly detailed items with nothing forgotten as to every option being able to be changed to suit your desire and want for any occasion or outfit and to suit any event or Role Play - All I can say is.....Enjoy these as much as I will and you will have a lot of fun............Happy shopping...........

-DRD- Vampire borg mask no drip

-DRD- Vampire borg mask

Mask comes with Colour Change HUD for all parts

-DRD- vampire backpack

Backpack comes with Colour Change HUD for all parts

District 5 - Industrial Area - Yellow - Please vote by clicking on the yellow area

{REVERIE} Mesh Metal Wings - Fly Away Home

{REVERIE} Mesh Tailed Corset - Seven Deadly Sins
HUD based Corsetry with the 7 Deadly Sins options on - LUST is worn

{REVERIE} Mesh Zip Heels - Spiked


.Arcadia. - Morpheus Gauntlets Crimson


7 Deadly s{K}ins - DROW Lust

With Slink hand and feet / ** / Mouth / WowMeh and Tango Appliers
- Tales of Fantasy - OPENS AUGUST 10TH

7 Deadly S{K}ins Main Store LM:

Alia Shape ** Ballsy**   Store no longer there

::TI:: Naughty Neck Tattoo

Exile::Take Chances Wild Fusion Hair MP

[theSkinnery] Demon eye   MP
MG - Eyelashes - Wild Full Thick - BLACK  MP
[DBF] Hide system lashes  MP

-{ZOZ}- Glitter Kiss Polish - Slink Huds 

+Nuuna+ Nan Makeups   From the Make Up Fair
.Pekka. Goth Lips   From the Make Up Fair
-UtopiaH- Abrasive Underliner Set    From the Make Up Fair

Poses Used 
Image Essentials - Body Shots 2 (b)
Image Essentials - Body Shots 3 (b)
Image Essentials Props and Poses

Props used
From Enchantment - -DRD-  enchanted Dead bodies

Taken in the Ruins at Image Essentials