Saturday, 30 May 2015

Dark Passions - Koffin Nails: Time To Get Thrifty Again!

It is coming up to the last days of Depraved Events - The Thrift Shop - LOVE LOVE LOVE this event and look forward to it every time.   You have 1 day left to snaggle some bargains and personally some of my most faves are always where I go to first - Dark Passions,  NOW I know B is one of the stores who I blog for BUT previous to me being a Blogger for her I was one of her top purchasers as advised by Caspervend - I still hold this title - the reason why - Because I get certain new releases from B but the rest I buy BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ALL too much to not have them all * my precioussssssssssss *

If you know me like a lot of you do, that speaks volumes heheh so go check Dark Passions out at The Thrift Shop now - grab some 50% off bargains :) Then leg it over to the World Goth Fair, everything at the Dark Passions Store there is 13 % off, as at the 1st of June  Dark Passions has The Witchy Hunt going on, Fantasticly gorgeous nails as per my blogs are ONLY 1L$ each for the Slink and 1L$ each for the Maitreya versions - these are full versions unlike a lot of other hunts that do a smaller version these are the full versions as pictured below

Slink version of The Witchy Hunt Nails ad - reminder ONLY 1L$ each as of 1st June

From B's own Blog - reminder to get Thrifty -

Dark Passions - Koffin Nails: Time To Get Thrifty Again!

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