Sunday, 17 May 2015

.PENUMBRA. S/S 2015 Fashion Week

As the sun dominates the morning sky and the moon the night sky, from the mist of that light emerges PENUMBRA. and takes it's place to outshine them all upon the landscape that is fashion. We are the light...we are PENUMBRA.

PENUMBRA strives to build a Second Life Brand that is truly groundbreaking, revolutionary, and creative using every inworld marketing opportunity, and social media exposure, there is to showcase, to the masses, the virtual Second Life Design Collections, entrusted to us by our prestigious clients. .PENUMBRA, with it's unprecedented and ingenious approach has created a strong positioning in the Second Life Fashion Industry that addresses the business needs of fashion creators and designers in Second Life.

Go and see the wondrous event that is .PENUMBRA. S/S 2015 Fashion Week - The Shows are to die for, the Clothes are just droolicious and the designers ROCK!