Saturday, 24 May 2014

{ R E V E R I E }... Its raining, its pouring............

TO fit the mood of both the in sim weather at {R E V E R I E } and my RL weather here in England, the post is fitting though to quote an old television ad.......I Wish I'd brought my brolly !!!

Wearing - {REVERIE} Mesh Tailed Corset - Steampunk Leather,

{REVERIE} FitMesh Heavy Boots - Antique Brown,

[Gauze] Chronicle - Quartz - Smoky,

.ploom. Mile High Pony - Monotone,

Nomine Mesh Stained Eyes - DRAGON,

*GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria,

Silken Moon Eyeshadow Cloudy,

**RE** NOX Era Nails & Rings,

Taken at = { R E V E R I E } -

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