Saturday, 17 May 2014

The #1 Tribute band in SL - SL awarded - BAD AMPITUDE Rocks your world - virtually !!!

There are loads of acts in Second Life who try and do what Bad Ampitude accomplish so seemingly easily but they do not even slightly match up. Going to see a Bad Amp concert is a fun filled role played event with full interaction by the band. The guys and Gals of Bad Amp make a huge effort to make everything as band like as they can, and, considering the vast list of bands they pay tribute to so well, this is no small feat.

Vampira Voom and Dinne Ghia are the primary contacts for Bad Amp and the Fan Group which chatters often about all sorts has a great following - secondlife:///app/group/6a15b68c-8e9a-e635-088a-642240df1189/about for the group join and info on the band as it happens, they also have a FB page -

Concerts are mostly on weekends from Friday thru to Sunday, The pictures that follow are of The Ramones ( Virtually ) Doc, Crul, Deli and Sky absolutely rocked the looks as always and the sound is streamed, the effects and stage are often thanks to the hard work of the team.

The hard work and effort pays off every time we go and see them, which is a considerable amount for those who know us. We have had surprise birthday parties with Bad Amp who will go to any lengths to help hide a party as well as covering store openings ( recently at {REVERIE}, doing huge amounts for RFL with donation tins still out after the event and still collecting ( WTG GUYS )

The only thing that is left to say is WTG guys and hopefully many more years but please no more spice girls (+boys) :)

They just rock..............