Friday, 16 May 2014

World Goth Fair 2014

The World Goth Fair takes place in Second Life every year in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. For those who do not know of Sophie or her life and sadly her death here is the link to the Foundation homepage, prepare for a sad read - - This happened close to where I used to live and is very close to my heart.

I am and was at a young age A Biker, A Goth, A Punk, A Hippie and all the other names that were thrown at me from then until now and beyond. I was always proud to be called such because to me it meant I was not one of the sheep, one of the flock, following each other around wearing the same clothes and looking like mannequins from the latest stores. I am, and always will remain AN INDIVIDUAL with rights, like Sophie, whose rights were taken from her by some small minded thugs. My rights are what The Foundation fight for and also the support of people who have suffered hate crimes through their subcultures or individuality.

Get your GOTH on and enjoy the World Goth Fair and all its subcultural beauty.

The sims were built by Lokii Violet of {MV}. Each Vendor donates a % of the sales to The Foundation. This event raises a lot of RL cash for The Foundation and is recognised as being a valuable event in the Foundation calendar.

World Goth Fair items available from The Gacha Pond in Sium - T-Shirts F+M from LOoLOo's & Platypus complete with Sunglasses, Head Boppers, Balloon, Teddy, Necklace and Bracelet all boxed with 100% donation To The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.