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Fantasy Faire 2018

Fantasy Faire 2018

For those of you who do not know me, I adore the Fantasy Faire and this year once again will be spectacular, in fact, more so. for this is The Fantasy Faire, The Tenth!

The Fantasy Faire blog 

-She would take a look at her telescope as she has wont to do every day since her last sight of the mists that took the Fairelands away last, that sunny day when they vanished, she is sure she heard a thunderclap as the mist vanished before her eyes in the scopes long sightedness, still not sure how this thing worked but glad it does for she has kept her vigil daily and nightly since.

She checks again, sure she will see nothing but then, what is this?  She wipes her eyes, looks again, wipes the scope's glass at either end, not sure which is best to check first so does both.  There, there in the scope's vision, a mist, appearing so softly there is a scent of blossom and jasmine and summer and mystery and fun in the air, all in this morning but what does Jasmine have doing out at this time of day, it is a night flower, and what does mystery smell like, but she knows its scent there for THERE in the scope is the mist once more.  She falls to her knees with gladness, afraid she was going mad as she checks her book for which she has kept the dates so to track and yes nearly a year since the mists arrived last time, not quite a full year but near enough to be magically correct, near enough to be, well to be, The Fairelands appearing once more.

Getting up to check the scope once more she reaches out unknowingly as if she could touch those tendrils of mist that come forth so eagerly towards her. she dances as she pulls away from the scope and calls out to anyone who can hear her 'The Faire, The Fairelands are coming back'-

The Fantasy Faire of 2018 is the tenth Fantasy Faire and as such will be filed with such delights and treasures you will barely believe your eyes.  There will be poets and storytellers, dancers and festivals of dance with such dancers from the Fairelands you will never have seen such sights, Giants and tiny creatures that flit and flutter between people and creatures that all mingle at the Faire, the Pawlice there to keep trouble at bay, and the Jail and Bail in case of any bothersome folks!  There will be Roleplaying to watch and to take part in, there will be stalls with finery and delights so wonderful you can barely take it all in, there will be places to sit and stare with wonderment at what befalls your very eyes and places to take your loved ones to share the beauty that is the Fantasy Faire 2018

We invite you to come to The Fantasy Faire, to come and behold the wonderment that each place holds, the delights of each store that holds vendors that give so generously to the fight that we are slowly beating, slowly winning against Cancer, too slow for too many but beat it we will with the help of people liek you, Dear Reader, like YOU who can come, shop, donate, hunt, enjoy and wonder at the beauty of the Fairelands, get addicted like some who watch out every day for the mists to arrive.

The Tenth Fantasy Faire begins on April the 19th and ends on the 29th of April 2018

Landmarks will follow in another post nearer to the dates for all of the sims including the Silent Auctions, The wonderful Hunt and The Junction which is where to begin, to find the portals to all the Lands.  The Arts and the Literary festivals and the stores. 

The Fantasy Faire blog is found here

Please make time to visit the Fairelands, even if you are not a fantasy lover the Faire will blow your mind at the stunning artistry that has taken place.  Thank you in advance for your donations and shopping and to the Traders and the builders and for everyone who works so hard to bring us the Faire every year.  I love you all ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 10 times over

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