Friday, 13 April 2018

The Altar Room

The Altar Room

{Candle and Cauldron} Wheel Calendar - Iridescent
Functional wheel calendar which shows the 8 common pagan sabbats, astrology symbols, and seasons.
**Calendars with the SH letters on the end are for those in the Southern Hemisphere.**
The wheel can move naturally in time with the year, or sabbats can be set manually.
Everything at {Candle and Cauldron} is made with RL ties, by RL practitioners of the craft. Every pairing of numbers, cards, sigils, or stones is directly related to a spiritual belief or practice

Moondrops - Ostara Altar Set
 - Working major arcana three card spread
 - The box that would hold the cards, if this were FL and not SL - Walnut
 - Altar, rose marble shot through with gold, gold trim and walnut - shelves in the back for holding books and tools
 - Altar cloth - silk, with hud controller, in pastels [second column of buttons]
 - Bowl - ceramic, with water.  [first column of buttons on the hud]
 - Wand - copper [air metal], with quartz crystal, different types of quartz [third column of buttons]
 - Athame - cherry wood handle with iron [fire metal] leaf blade
 - Pentacle - silver [earth metal]

Moondrops - Ostara Rose
  - Working candle in a rose-gold rose holder.  Hud for different pastels

.~Deadly Nightshade~. Spring Cauldron - Standard - Lilac
Each Cauldron comes in standard, small and large sizes.
There are many colours to choose from, Lilac is shown there is also Rose, Mint, Sky and Sun.  Beautifully made and fit for any good witch!

.~Deadly Nightshade~. Everyday Essentials - Essential Springtide
.~Deadly Nightshade~. Everyday Essentials - Essential Botanicals - Brown
.~Deadly Nightshade~. Everyday Essentials - Essential Greenery - Black
.~Deadly Nightshade~. Everyday Essentials - Essential Brewing - White
From the Everyday Essentials Gacha from .~Deadly Nightshade~.

!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! - Blossom Skybox
Very pretty and beautifully made, spacy two-room skybox

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