Thursday, 26 April 2018

Monstrously Gorgeous

Monstrously Gorgeous

VENGE - Catwa and Omega - Monstruo for The Fantasy Faire 2018
This stunning fantasy makeup and horn set comes with Catwa and Omega HUDs, Mesh Eyes and Monstruo Horn, all 100% Original & 100 Original Mesh and is a special colour for The Fantasy Faire 2018

This special comes to you with a fabulous offer of ONLY 50L$ and 100% of this goes to the Relay For Life which The Fantasy Faire support with 100%  and many other offer items.  There are two offers in store at The Fantasy Faire The above item and Dragonbourne, they are Exclusive to the Faire which ends on the 29th of April so HURRY!

VENGE - Catwa & Omega - Goth Tones Lipstick
6 Fantastic Gothy shades of Lipstick here which come with a Catwa HUD, an Omega Hud and System layers, what a collection, grab it as soon as possible

Both the above items are available at The Fantasy Faire 2018 and are on The Faireland of Aetherea - sponsored by Fallen Gods - Direct Store Link to VENGE
Store link for after the event 

Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - FatPack - Mal-Fire
Event Price 150L  - FatPack Only - 100% Donation to Relay For Life
These stunning nails are for Relay For Life with a 100% Donation for every pack sold - Grab them now and help us kick Cancer in the behind!
Available NOW at The Fantasy Faire 2018 and are on The Faireland of Severina Sponsored by BattleBeast Breedables
Store link for after the event 

**Cole's Corner** - Cosmic Consciousness Aura (Innocence)
Available NOW at The Fantasy Faire 2018 and are on The Faireland of Erstwhile - Sponsored by Marcus Inkpen/Sharni Azalee
Store link for after the event 

IMAGE ESSENTIALS - Props, Poses and Studios - Elven Innocence
5 Fabulous Poses with mirrors.  I love this set, so pretty and elegant - even for a Satyr!

7 Deadly s[K]ins - PERSIA Face and Body Omega HUD in Oak
PERSIA is available in both light and dark packs, Happy shopping :)
Currently on sale at The Cosmetic Fair from the 15th of April 2018

Other Appliers are available at The 7 Deadly s[K]ins Mainstore

{MelonBunny} Gaia Satyr Legs (Maitreya)
{MelonBunny} Gaia Spring Ears (Bento)
{MelonBunny} Gaia Spring Tail (HourGlass)
{MelonBunny} have designed these amazing  Bento Satyr Legs which comes with a mesh Bento tail as well as another tail, the colour HUD options are just amazing, there are a whole load of colours from Spring Green to Black including pinky, grey, golden brown and mixtures.  The Flowers are colourable and there is a Top Available, Horns and Butterflies - all not shown, They are also available for the Kemono Avatar which is very cool to have that option.  Thank you {MelonBunny} for my favourite item outside of the Fantasy Faire this month

*katat0nik* (dark1 / Maitreya) Fauna Collar
There are two sets of these on Sale and each comes with 2 collars.  I love these, as always Katatonik have made another fab design

:::Phoenix::: Rebecca Hair [Fitted Mesh]
Phoenix has made this gorgeous hair for Bloom and I have to admit to being a huge fangirl of it.  Grab it asap

The Above items are currently available at the April edition of Bloom

(Yummy) Festival Ring Set - Maitreya

* Stelloane Hell Babygirl horns

FDD Stories *Odysseia Bollero* fitted Noir Gacha
FDD Stories *Odysseia Nipples* fitted Noir Gacha

{FB} Cold Breath - Marketplace Link - 10L$

Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Dream Feather - Long

^;^CaTwA^;^ HEAD Catya v3.0

Maitreya Mesh Body - Bento 4.1

The Pictures were taken using CalWL windlight setting

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