Sunday, 15 July 2018



:[P]:- Crystal Heart 2018 - Veralius Staff @ The Crystal Heart Festival 2018
:[P]:- Veralius Staff [Back]
This fabulous staff is 100% Original Mesh which comes with 12 different hold poses and back sheathed pose, as well as WAND variations of the staff. Everything is HUD controlled, with 40 different bases that apply to three different parts, and 40 solid colour gems/40 faded gems. Grab it NOW at the Crystal Heart Festival until the 21st Of July then after at Plastik Main Store as shown below
Plastik at The Crystal Heart Festival 2018

The Elvenne Collection - NEW - Plastik Main Store Release
:[P]:- Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Alabarus Skin Set - I am wearing the following:-
:[P]:- F-Elven Omega Head Applier:// Alabarus
:[P]:- F-Elven Maitreya Body:// Alabarus
:[P]:- Omega Addon [Face] :// Heavy Frecks
:[P]:- Omega Addon [Face] :// Linershadow Black
:[P]:- Omega Addon [Face] :// Lip Darken
:[P]:- Bloodless Eyes:// Silvered
:[P]:- Eyebrow Shaper://8
:[P]:- Elvenne Collection Bentbox Ears:// Alabarus

:[P]:- Elvenne Collection Maitreya Nails:// Amethystine From the Amethystine Skin Set

There are 94 (ninety-four) tones for males and females in this collection, in every possible colour (If there’s a tone you need, don't be afraid to ask for a custom!)
Each skin comes with everything you'll ever need Omega addon appliers for face and makeup, Eyes in system layers and mesh inserts, Tattoo layer makeups, slink, Maitreya, omega, Belleza, Lelutka, Genesis, and more appliers; System skin layers, eyebases, and so much more.
Males and Females both as dudes need love too.
You can buy individual colours, or all of the colour type (i.e all the blues, etc), or the MEGAPACK of them all. Come to the main store and check it out!
The Plastik Mainstore

Poseidon The Raven 1-6

MICHAN {The Crystal Heart} - Moon Choker FREE GIFT @ The Crystal Heart Festival 2018

Sweet Thing. Crystalline Gown - Necro @ The Crystal Heart Festival 2018

{Limerence} Moon hair-Colours @ The Crystal Heart Festival 2018

#EMPIRE - Chives

LAQ Bento head - Poppy

Maitreya Mesh Body - Bento 4.1

BentBox Sylvan Ears


The pictures were taken at The Elven Forest using CalWL windlight Setting

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