Friday, 13 July 2018



:[P]:- The Elvenne Collection - NEW - Plastik Main Store Release

:[P]:- Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Amethystine -
:[P]:- Demon Eyes:// Noir
:[P]:- Elvenne Collection Mait Nails:// Amethystine
:[P]:- F-Elven Maitreya Body:// Amethystine
:[P]:- F-Elven Omega Head Applier:// Amethystine

There are 94 (ninety-four) tones for males and females in this collection, in every possible colour (If there’s a tone you need, don't be afraid to ask for a custom!)
Each skin comes with everything you'll ever need: Omega addon appliers for face and makeup, Eyes in system layers and mesh inserts, Tattoo layer makeups, slink, Maitreya, omega, Belleza, Lelutka, Genesis, and more appliers; System skin layers, eyebases, and so much more.
Males and Females both as dudes need love too. ❤

You can buy individual colours, or all of the colour type (i.e all the blues, etc), or the MEGAPACK of them all. Come to the main store and check it out!

:[P]:- Sea Dreaming Jewelry:// Darkness -
:[P]:- Sea Dreaming Necklace [Choker]:// Darkness
:[P]:- Sea Dreaming Necklace [Long]:// Darkness

Plastik Main Store

[Black Tulip] at The Pose Fair 2018 - July 1st
[Black Tulip] Poses - The Darkness in Me #3 - 5 Fab Poses with Mirrors
Part of The Darkness series - The whole series is fantastic but these really are wonderful, Grab them at The Pose Fair now!

{Get Frocked} KEEVA Corset - Purple
A stunning corset and panties set with terrific colours available and had matching boots if you like them to match
{Get Frocked}  KEEVA Corset Maitreya - Purple
{Get Frocked}  KEEVA Panties - Maitreya

{Get Frocked} KEEVA Boots - Purple
The matching boots are super long and very high and are absolutely gorgeous

.EscalateD. HairSL Groupgift

BentBox Sylvan Ears

^;^CaTwA^;^ HEAD Catya v3.0

Maitreya Mesh Body - Bento 4.1

The pictures were taken HERE using CalWL windlight Setting

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