Wednesday, 18 July 2018



:[P]:- Athari Pastelle Ed.:// Seriko Femme @ The Crystal Heart Festival 2018
:[P]:- F-Omega Head App [Brows]://  Seviko Spec. Ed
:[P]:- Bentbox Ears Applier:// Seviko Spec. Ed
:[P]: Eyebrow Shaper://8
:[P]:- F-Maitreya Body Applier:// Seviko Spec. Ed
:[P]:- Maitreya Nails Applier:// Seviko Spec. Ed
:[P]:- Omega Addon [Face] :// Smudgy Shadow
:[P]:- Omega Addon [Face] :// Lipstripe
Gorgeous pastel versions of the Atharia and Atharne Skins, in 3 tones for males and females. All inclusive, every applier included, for everyone who loves such beautifully made skins, check these out NOW at The Crystal Heart Festival which is on until the
The Crystal Heart Festival 2018

:[P]:- Inkstained Fluna Tails
These Tails are fab, There are 6 colours and come with an animation HUD offering lots of different ways to wear these tails depending on how you want to be seen, from moods to just everyday wear.  Happy Kitsune Tailing!
The Plastik Mainstore

+Facepalm Clothing+ Liliana's Darkness
Very pretty lacyness that comes with a HUD offering 6 colour tones.  So Pretty!
Facepalm Clothing and Shapes

Vengeful Threads - Original Mesh- Celestial Necklace
This stunning necklace which is 100% Original Mesh from Vengeful Threads with two colour metals and 7 colour jewels in both metals.  Grab this asap

[addme.] Pose#099 (Single-Lay)
[addme.] Pose#099-4A
The Pose Fair

""D!va"" Hair "Lisa" (Fantasies)
Collabor88 July

BentBox Sylvan Ears

^;^CaTwA^;^ HEAD Catya v3.0

Maitreya Mesh Body - Bento 4.1

.:Soul:. Sidhe Eyes - Unseelie - Onyx

The pictures were taken at The Elven Forest using Local, Midnight and CalWL windlight Setting

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