Wednesday, 19 April 2017

For the Horde

For the Horde

Dinkies D'Orc by Isaura Simons for The Fantasy Faire 2017
A fantastic outfit for your Dinkie Avatar - Includes complete instructions on how to turn your White Dinkie avatar into a D'orc right down to the eyes! 
Comes with full outfit, hair, battle cry animated gesture and axe - because what is a D'orc without her Battle Axe!!!
Everything is so detailed and fabulous - Get yourself and Dinkie and then this fantastic addition and go forth and do the Horde battle cry! For the Horde!
Since I bought my first Dinkie Avatar, I have had so much fun with her - I now have a collection of them and various avatar outfits from the new Torm Strooper Avi outfit also from Isaura Simons who makes fantastic Dinkie hair and Outfits - Visit her stall at The Fantasy Faire - I can promise it will be full of fantastical outfits - She will be situated on The Hill Sponsored by Solarium and Titans
Landmarks for the Fantasy Faire will be available from the 20th April

                                              This last picture was taken by Isaura herself

The Pictures were taken HERE and [NB]-MistyDay-12am (Sea) and [TOR] SUNSET - ivory Flowers Windlights were used