Monday, 17 April 2017

The Fantasy Faire --- 20th to the 30th April 2017 --- Shari's Guide!

The Fantasy Faire  -  20th to 30th April 2017

The mists have started to appear, just waiting on the Fairelands to emerge once more from who knows where.  They will open their portals on the 20th of April for ten days of everything Fantastical your imagination can bring to the Fairelands, this is, in my opinion, THE BIGGEST and BEST event in Second Life.
The Fantasy Faire has an everything you need to know website - HERE where you can read up, VOTE for your Fairelands King, Queen, and Chancellor, Tune into the Fairelands Radio and find the entertainment guides, read up on the sponsors and ........oh my, so much more!

Also handy is the guide to the Fairelands and who will be where - Enjoy and have fun - Shop and donate what you can as we would love to beat last year's target and make a whole new one to beat next year!  Relay for Life helps and does not just affect you, or I, our families, our loved ones, our colleagues, our neighbours and strangers around us on an hourly and daily battle so please help where you can, there will be donation pots all over the Fairelands as well as all items being sold through the RFL Vendors donate 100% to RFL - so please, lets kick that target into the hat!

Shopping - To your heart's content - Disregard your inhibitions, shop until you drop and slap up those RFL Vendors in every store, there will be everything from Skins to Clothing, Jewelry, Builds and Decor, Weapons, Potions, Lotions, Hair, Cosmetics and Nails to so much much more. Shopaholics paradise ♥  Guilt free as it is all for a good cause ♥

Keep your eye on the Programme of events which will be awesome.  From The Literary Festival programmes, The Arts and Entertainments events, Roleplay, The Fairelands Radio, The quiet moments of walking about in amazement as you see a Giantess walking with a Unicorn chatting together, with a D'orc doing some shopping with a Merperson bathing in the sun on the shallows, Anything and everything is possible at The Fantasy Faire

There will be Role Play - in fact there shall be 6 Roleplay groups at the Faire this year, Sanctuary RP Community, Neo Victoria,  Lilypods (who have previously appeared as the Rickety Weasels and the Children of Echtra) who have all appeared before and three newer groups from Outbreak, the elven realms of Steelwood, and Ynys Seamaide. All these groups will be welcoming of Audiences, people wanting to take part and remember to have fun - they do not all bite!

All of this alongside the best AuctionsSilent Auctions and Jail and Bail on the grid and more - THE QUEST - The Quest is an in-depth, fun hunt, SO grab a friend and have a blast doing on of the best hunts ever - The designers are fantastic in their generosity towards the hunt and it really is fantastic fun

Have fun, help raise funds for RFL and love the Fairelands as much as I do by exploring every nook and cranny, preferably with as many friends as you can and just let your hair down!