Monday, 24 April 2017

Shroomie's abound

Shroomie's abound

Shroomie Avatar: Purple Old Agaric
Shroomies are tiny mushroom avatars, standing at about 1.25 tall. They are complete avatars, with a basic tiny AO. This is a cute Mesh avatar with spare parts for accessories and the hats all do something different like releasing spores etc.  Lots of fun ♥
Polenth Yue's Mushporium in The Fantasy Faire HERE ->    Mudrana

Moondrops RFL Triskel Choker
Moondrops can be found on Raven’s Perch

Pics were taken on The Fantasy Faire Sim Dawn's Promise Sponsored by The Looking Glass

Polenth Yue's Mushporium can be found on Marketplace HERE
In World Store HERE