Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Fantasy Faire Opens TOMORRROW!!!!!!

The Fantasy Faire Opens TOMORRROW!!!!!!

Yes, it's true the Fairelands have returned for another year and those lucky enough to visit them once more will, of course, have the best time and look wistfully into the mists until next year when they return once more.

Fantasy Faire 2017: fifteen sims of beauty, wonder, and shopping to benefit Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society from the 20th-30th April.

Amongst all the fabulous events, the parties and parades, the shopping and gaiety, Tolkien Day, in remembrance of J.R.R.Tolkien, the literary festival, the carnival atmosphere and fabulous dancers and stunning stories, there is a reason we are all taking part - Relay for Life.   Why I relay - Well I relay for many reasons, for Hope, for a cure, for the people I have known and lost and the people I will lose until the cure is found.  The quiet background hum of the HOPE we all feel and the fear we mostly all of us have known in one way or another, however hard it is, we go on and we need that cure - so PLEASE Shop til you drop, hit up those kiosks, and, dance your way around the sims with a song in your heart, knowing you are helping and bringing HOPE to many.

The Fantasy Faire Website for all your information and Events guide

Here is one of the hundreds of items that are being donated by the hundreds of Designers for Relay for Life, This struck me as offering hope and celebration.  Thank you to Kadaj Yoshikawa of HarshLands for making this so beautifully ♥

I shall do a post with all the sim Landmarks and all you need to know other than the landmarks is here  -