Monday, 9 June 2014

Day Dream Believer - American Gothic

Day Dream Believer - { R E V E R I E } - American Gothic

a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.
"a knock on the door broke her reverie"
synonyms: daydream, daydreaming, trance, fantasy, vision, fancy, hallucination, musing; More
an instrumental piece suggesting a dreamy or musing state.
"his own compositions can move from impressionist reveries to an orchestral chordal approach"
a fanciful or impractical idea or theory.
"he defended and explained all the reveries of astrology"

{REVERIE} Mesh Steampunk Outfit - American Gothic

[7DS] LUST Box1 Skintone 3 - with Slink hand appliers
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Relax
{REVERIE} Slink Nails - Through The Looking Glass
.ploom. Melon - Candy
-SU!- Scarlet Eyes - Violet
*GA* Mesh Lashes
Silken Moon Eyeshadow Smokey
[Gauze] Shimmer and Gloss Lip make up

Taken at the Looking Glass using their lighthouse and Dock and also The Victorian Dream Floating House

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