Friday, 20 June 2014

Hope for Serbia - !NFINITY Hope for Serbia Flag Plugs

Hope for Serbia Event is now on

There will be more from this event as there is some fantastic items for sale there but I needed to get these out to you all NOW are they are FANTASTIC!!!

Facial flag plugs - Especially with the Footie on at the moment - OR Soccer as the Americans Call it * glares at her other half, Radon*

There is a choice of 15 different flags to wear and they all have resizers in which are easy to use. Really well made and look fantastic - This from someone who has never worn a facial plug in any of her life's :)

!NFINITY Hope for Serbia Flag Plugs - UNITED KINGDOM

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Tessa - Weekend Special
{REVERIE} Mesh Elf Ears - Steamy
/Wasabi Pills/ Kiki Hair - Whites Pack
-SU!- Scarlet Eyes VIOLET
{REVERIE} Mesh Ladies Happy Monster Tshirt - Frank N Teen

This from the Organiser - Nena Bordit, Owner of ✩{PixelGeek}✩
- Five days of rain - non stop! It made major rivers in Serbia flood towns, water wiped lives and houses... Obrenovac (town with 71,419 people) is completely under water, it is so bad you can't even see roofs of houses and yet it is only ONE town of all those who got destroyed! Many people are dead and many more injured! Most of them are evacuated but we don't have enough of resources such as drinkable water, food, clean clothes, everything babies need... Electricity & water is off in most parts of Serbia! Please join us and help Serbia in the hardest times! This kind of natural disaster never happened to us before, we are land locked country