Monday, 9 June 2014

Lost in a Day Dream - The Little Mermaid

Lost in a Day Dream - { R E V E R I E } - The Little Mermaid

I was having a 'wish I was under the water and missing the sea' moment, I just moved away from the sea and {REVERIE} brought out a Little Mermaid outfit - not to be confuzzled with the Disney version but Thumper's own version of The Steampunked Little Mermaid full outfit,I added some skully piercing from !NfiNiTY and some new group gift armband jewellery and then I took to Angelica's underwater area in her store and had myself some underwater time - very peaceful and soothing until real life came a knocking!

a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.
"a knock on the door broke her reverie"
synonyms: daydream, daydreaming, trance, fantasy, vision, fancy, hallucination, musing; More
an instrumental piece suggesting a dreamy or musing state.
"his own compositions can move from impressionist reveries to an orchestral chordal approach"
a fanciful or impractical idea or theory.
"he defended and explained all the reveries of astrology"

{REVERIE} Mesh Steampunk Outfit - The Little Mermaid
{REVERIE} Eilsaid - Sun Kissed - with Slink hand appliers
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Relax
{REVERIE} Slink Nails - Vintage Floral

.ploom. Isabel - Candy
-SU!- Scarlet Eyes - Violet
*GA* Mesh Lashes
Silken Moon Eyeshadow Smokey
[Gauze] Shimmer and Gloss Lip make up

!NFINITY Nose to Ear Piercing SKULLS
!NFINITY SKYE Armbands Set

Taken at [Angelic Designs] [Alyah] Underwater Mermaid Reef'