Friday, 27 June 2014

. a i s l i n g . Qarth Lady -Lavender - A Gown of Beauty and complexity

Its a total Blog festival today as have finally got full eyesight back and am raring to go and ohhhhhhhhh I have too much to choose from at the moment!!!!!!

. a i s l i n g . Qarth Lady -Lavender This gorgeous outfit..dress seems so belittling to this wonderfully detailed work of art.

Qarth - Game of Thrones - Based on the south coast of Essos and is quoted as being - "We call Qarth "the Greatest City that Ever Was or Will Be". An easy claim to make if one knows only the docks and custom houses of other cities. An easy lie to swallow if a people only see the gold and jewels of their rulers, which we, the Thirteen who govern this city, are careful to ensure."
―Xaro Xhoan Daxos[src]

Sunny of Climate and ladies who wear such gowns that you can hear swish and watch their bodies lithe with the cloth touching skin as they move about their business. The extra Jewellery and metalworks on this piece are added for an extra show of wealth.

This gown comes with all sorts of additional items to be able to change such things as Jewels on/off, Belt on/off, Colour the Metal parts, the Fabric base and the opacity of the shoulder drapes. This makes the dress as original as you are. Also the ability to delete the scripts once you have it as you like it so saving on any potential script warnings and lag. Also if you have more than one dress, for example the black and red - you can interchange the HUDS for moe effects and different options. Simple yet complex in its beauty and so easy to use the HUD, Kudos to . a i s l i n g .

•The dress in 6 different sizes
•Jewel addons for the dress
•The belt alone in 6 different sizes
•One or multiple huds depending on what you've bought
The items are COPY only except the unrigged belt and the alphas

. a i s l i n g . Qarth Lady -Lavender

:::unBra::: Skin -Sheva- redux B / M9 WORN setp 10
.::amis/::..BlackNekoEyes-02- *Purple from Isis
[DK] Lashes 01
DRD darkmakeup package (box) MP
Magika [03] Many NEW 03
**RE** NOX Era - Nails
JCNY - 'Key to My Heart, My half to Radons Key
L&B Mesh Jewelry "Lover's" Unisex Necklace
Guardians Neptune Amethyst

KaTink Photo Studio v1.0 Final - Stella pose Set

.a i s l i n g . Store SLurl -

Enjoy your trip there, my usual wish for happy shopping does not begin to cover it!