Monday, 2 June 2014

SL Breedables - Love em or hate em, PlantPets are a Whole new Wonder Garden - Literally !

Breedables - Love em or hate em, The PlantPets are a fab idea to brighten up your Second Life. NO costly feeding unless you wish to boost their speed of giving free babies, NO time to be spent doing a lot with them as they just need watering once a week or so depending on the speed of growth you have them set at. Overall a HUGE win for those who hate having to tend to their in world pets - *eyes her Daughter Stevie and grins* Even my Daughter has a 'Climbing Rose *Vampire's Bite* (PlantPet 2.0s)'...

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson

From the new range I get all giddy as Bruce Liebknecht (Founder and Software Developer at dejaPi Script Lab and Owner of PlantPets)has brought out a range of my most favourite book/film linked PlantPets.......Wondergarden........ All based on the Mad hatters Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland. * dies of happiness *

It took me a mere few hours to track a couple of the Limited / Ultra rares down and I have taken a few pics of them here - from set prices at the PlantPets Main store - To searching stores on SL and Marketplace and of course friends knowledge is invaluable! I collected the 'Wondergarden *Halloween Tea* (PlantPet 2.0s)' and the 'Wondergarden *Halloween Tea* (PlantPet 2.0s)' whilst buying the commons from the store and a secondary market and putting out an 'Wondergarden *Easter Egg Factory* (PlantPet 2.0s)' to make 7 which is my lucky number !!!

Thank you Bruce for making the Wondergardens as they are a true delight and will be featuring in more blogs as we go!!

All info here -

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Status and Genes Explained
The status of a plantpet has the following meaning:

common - for sale at the PlantPets Main Store.

seasonal - can be sold at the PlantPets Main Store only at particular time of the year; may come as baby of another plantpet.

rare - not sold at the PlantPets Main Store; may come as a baby of another plantpet.

limited - sold at the PlantPets Main Store either for limited time or in limited numbers; does not come as a baby of another plantpet.

elite - gives a random-volume booster when it gives a baby (only about 10% of all plantpets are elite).

Note that the status of a plantpet may be upgraded from common to either seasonal or rare and from seasonal to rare but it will NEVER be downgraded. Elite plantpets will always remain elite but the volume of the boosters given by elite plantpets may change. Limited plantpets will always remain limited.

The strength of each gene represents the probability of passing this gene to an offspring.